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Infertility Issues

Infertility Struggles and Options

June 2012

Dr. Susan Trout has made a video in which she discusses her personal struggles with infertility, talks about the effectiveness and affordability of IVF treatments, and offers advice on successfully building a family.

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Comprehensive Overview of Embryo Selection Techniques

Published February 2008

Dr. Trout and Dr. Van Blerkom helped write this comprehensive overview which sheds light on the ever-expanding techniques that are being employed and evaluated with regard to embryo selection.

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Essential IVF

Essential IVF basic research and clinical applications

Published November 2003

Dr. Van Blerkom’s textbook presents current issues in clinical IVF to give readers engaged in IVF an understanding of the progress of infertility treatments using emerging technologies.

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Study Finds Way to Pick Healthiest Embryos

Human Reproduction, December, 2000

Scientists said they may have found a good way to identify the healthiest embryos for use in making test-tube babies – and discovered some basic biology in the process.

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