Semen Analysis

Given that male factor infertility is present in nearly half of all infertile couples, semen analysis is one of the most important laboratory tests to determine a man’s ability to have a child. Even men who have fathered children in the past may develop fertility problems which are detected by semen analysis.

Before a semen analysis is performed, a patient should abstain from sexual activity for two to seven days. A sample is collected by masturbation into a sterile specimen container.

The analysis results provide a variety of information about the man’s reproductive health, including the motility or movement of the sperm, the morphology or shape of the sperm, the volume of the sperm sample, the number of sperm in the sample, the viscosity or thickness of the sperm sample, and any signs of illness or infection.

Contact Us for a Semen Analysis

At the request of a referring physician, Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology can perform a standard semen analysis. To schedule your patient for semen analysis, either call us at (303) 321-7115 or fill out the referral form on the right side of this page. Patients are also welcome to call us and schedule themselves for semen analysis, as long as we receive a doctor’s referral. Any needed medical forms may be faxed to (303) 321-9519 prior to the procedure or can be brought to the office at the time of the first appointment.