Patient Resources

What causes infertility? Does stress play a role? How does the normal menstrual cycle work?

This section of our web site answers the above questions and provides general information to help shed some light on infertility.

Tips While Attempting Pregnancy

While you are attempting pregnancy, here are some tips to maximize your health and that of your baby.

The Allure of Twins or more! What’s the reality?

The media’s portrayal of excitement and joy when multiple births arrive is misleading. There can be real, life long physical and emotional health consequences for these tiny babies.

The Normal Menstrual Cycle

Understanding the phases and physiology of the human menstrual cycle will help you in planning for pregnancy.

The LH Surge: Timing is Everything

Detecting the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) allows accurate prediction of ovulation and can indicate the optimal time for intercourse.

Infertility and Stress

Stress can affect your fertility in many ways. Here are some tips on dealing with stress.