LGBT Fertility

Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology stands ready to help all individuals have a family, regardless of their sexual orientation. We recognize that procreation is a natural desire for all people, and parenting is a fulfilling spiritual experience.

Fertility Support for the LGBT Community

The LGBT community has fertility options and issues that differ from those of the heterosexual community. Whether it is selecting a sperm donor or sperm bank, arranging for egg donation, finding a gestational carrier, or discussing adoption, CRE is committed to supporting patients through the entire process. There are many ways to create a loving family, and it is important to find the option that is best for you.

LGBT Colorado Fertility

Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology is a pioneering fertility medical practice with a history of working with same-sex and transgender couples to realize the dream of beginning or expanding their family. We are proud to offer a host of fertility treatments tailored towards the LGBT community. Dr. Susan Trout and our staff are trusted specialists with decades of combined experience.

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