My First Visit Gave Me New Hope

“After two missed miscarriages and my old doctors not knowing what went wrong, I was very scared to ever get pregnant again. The first visit with Dr. Trout though began to give me hope. She looked at my records and pretty much knew what the issues were before she even did the test. Of course, all the tests confirmed her hunches. Dr. Trout was able to correct the issues and I am now expecting my first child and everything looks wonderful!”

“Dr. Trout is the kind of doc that most women hope for, but rarely find. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and a real credit to her profession. They say it takes two to make a baby but in my case pregnancy could not have happened without the help of this very honest, in-tune doc. Thank you isn’t enough for the life you helped create.”

Nicole Monaghan
May 3, 2011


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