Patient Calls Her Son “The Miracle Baby”

“I was certain I was done having children. I went through a bunch of life changes and got divorced. I later remarried and my fiancé doesn´t have any kids of his own; we were almost 40 years old at this point. We at least wanted to have a conversation, and I had worked with Dr. Trout before with my second child. I went back to her to discuss what my options would be with my tubes tied and she helped me weigh the pros-and-cons.”

“Basically, my options were to get a tubal reversal or go right into in-vitro fertilization. We decided that the reversal made more sense for us. I even looked into some other clinics and they were almost more like kind of a factory.”

“I had my tubal reversal in July of 2010 and we started trying to get pregnant in September of 2010. We got pregnant in February, after we did IUI procedures.”

“I had my son October 14th. We call him the miracle baby because really it was kind of against all odds.”

“Dr. Trout is awesome. I understand from her website that she went thought her own fertility issues. She´s in it for the right reasons; my gut tells me that she actually really cares about her patients.”

November 9, 2011


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